Laodicea Rises proclaims the Good News of the Kingdom of God, and that Christ who has qualified to rule by his sacrifice, is returning to set up His Father’s Kingdom that shall never perish.

Laodicea is the 7th and final era of God’s church. Unlike the Philadelphian splinter groups, this author does not believe the Laodicean Era has begun yet. This author believes the final era will be based in Jerusalem, Israel under Messianic-Jewish leadership and will be head-quartered at the 3rd Temple.

This author believes in observing Friday to Saturday Sunset Sabbath; observes all the Holy Days as listed in Leviticus 23 and rejects all pagan holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Sunday Worship.

This author believes in British-Israelism and recommends Brit-Am as a source for archeological, biblical, linguistic, and mythological studies that supports the idea that the Lost Ten Tribes are now found among European states, the British isles, and America.

Recommended Reading

The Tribes by Yair Davidiy

Origin by Yair Davidiy

Joseph by Yair Davidiy

The Paradigm by Jonathan Cahn

The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn


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